My Friday Shorts: all my #fridayshorts entries

Here’s a record of all my #fridayshorts entries on Twitter. Thanks NZ Book Council.

17th August 2012: Eddie Izzard’s Death Star canteen at coffee time; a bizarre mix of bleating baristas, Sith lords knitting and Leia’s earrings

10th August: Could cataracts stop him? Never. The athlete they called ‘caterpillar’ (he was all legs) ran home, four blocks away, singing.

3rd August: I drained my sugar cane moonshine behind the dinky pub. The dancers’ bellybuttons were too close. My agenda? Just having fun.

27th July: I belted him to stop his barking; I shovelled snow. Finland, winter, the term just begun; a segment of life lived in the dark.

20th July: My boy Jack, in the flower of youth, deprived of his future by the sour bite of a gun. Not conquered though, not on this tide.

29th June: ‘The freemasons on the Mount.’ ‘But its nearly dusk,’ said the bright-jacketed courier. I knew he’d go, he’s a malleable sort.

22nd June: ‘A dictionary’s no use to a ship under fire.’ The Captain frowned, resting on a pillow. Would turning turtle be dishonourable?

15th June: Aspire to childlessness? It was contagious until – gulp – we were kicked into action. The midwife shouted ‘viva’ to the skies.

8th June: He puddled clay to hide his victim’s shape, crown and all. He’d courier the one ear he’d cut off later, with the ransom note

1st June: ‘Give it some grunt’ said Bear. ‘Tapping and cuddling won’t do.’ I pouted. Advice from a gigantic hirsute goon, I don’t need.

25th May: He’d sponge off Rose’s travel plans but would it reveal too intricate a plot, drag him down. Damn it, he’d have a crack anyway

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